Security Courier

– reliable, invisible, prompt –

Our experts provide reliable and unhindered delivery of your precious items. Your goods can be secure delivered by:

The security courier’s role is often wrongly associated with the one of a money collector. In fact, the demands on the security courier are much higher.

Our experts in this field also differ from ordinary freight forwarders or courier services, as they are trained, licensed and accountable under §34a GewO und BewO und §7 WaffG, which allows them to perform a broader range of tasks and services.

For instance, the role of a security courier encompasses a full scale of responsibilities associated with the delivery - both the logistical mission of delivering the cargo to its destination in a swift manner, but also to anticipate the security implications within the delivery process and ensure the safe arrival of the goods.

A Security Courier transporting your valuables personally, is called a Hand Carry Courier whereas On Board Courier is a slightly narrower definition of a Hand Carry Courier, who safely delivers your valuable documents, jewelry, works of art and other high value items via air transport.

As opposed to money collectors and other kinds of courier service employees, a security courier deliberately avoids attracting attention and is therefore always carries out the delivery in plain clothes. 

We'll support you in all security matters.