Personal Security

– safety, confidentiality, discretion –

For personal protection we offer the following protective measures:

  • High-qualified bodyguards guarantee personal safety against attack, kidnapping, assassination attempts and any other kind of intrusion into the life and private sphere of the client.
  • Security-escort of the client in public and to any kind of events.
  • Our bodyguards have extensive experience and are trained in Germany, Israel and the Baltic States.
  • Our bodyguards are equipped with firearms and state of the art communication equipment.
  • All our specialists are certified in Germany according to §34a GewO and §7 WaffG at least.
  • Discretion and confidentiality are paramount to us.

In the modern world, an increasing number of individuals find themselves in need of short term or permanent personal security services that prevent possible intrusions into one's life and serves as deterrence for potential troublemakers.

As personal protection of an individual and/or others close to him/her is a very private and delicate matter, such a task requires the highest possible level of discretion and sensitivity to the client's situation and needs.

Depending on the situation and client's wishes, the security detail may be either as discreet as possible, or intentionally placed in the foreground. Experience shows that a personal security detail should often be combined with on-site security measures at the client's private property. In cases where protection of individuals is needed, every person under threat is integrated in multilevel agile security system, which immediately restructures on demand and takes appropriate measures as the situation progresses.

A few security measures listed below serve as an example what the personal security service package could consist of:

On demand, depending on the level of risk abovementioned measures could be taken separately or in various combinations.

We'll support you in all security matters.